Luminance Masking - Page 6

First we will work on the highlights and build contrast in that region. To create a luminance mask of the highlights, follow these steps:

  1. Make a duplicate of your image. (Image>Duplicate)

  2. Change the color mode of your duplicate to Lab color. (Image>Mode>Lab Color)

  3. Select the Lightness channel in the Channels palette and use the Move tool to drag it on top of the RGB original while holding down the Shift key. Using the Shift key will align the Lightness channel perfectly with the RGB image.

  4. The Lightness channel will show up as an Alpha channel in the Channels palette.

  5. Click on the composite (RGB) channel to get the full color image to appear once again.

  6. Load the Alpha 1 channel. (Select>Load Selection)

You should see the tones and highlights selected as shown below:

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