Luminance Masking - Page 2

This image is a professionally drum scanned 2" Fujichrome Provia 100F transparency. Although it's a very high quality film, I personally do not like its cyan/blue color balance. It reminds me of Ektachrome from the early 1980's. Fortunately Photoshop provides us the tools to alter this film's look.

The scanner operator is a seasoned pro and provided a file with a neutral shadow at 10, 10, 10 and a neutral highlight at 245, 245, 245. Before I start doing any work on this photo, the first step is to analyze its current state and determine where it should be taken. Only then can the techniques be chosen.

I feel that the sky is lacking in contrast and the warm summer evening light has taken on an almost neutral quality. Imagine this tranquil Westcoast location with it's warm light and rich colors. The trees need to have more definition and color. The people are being lost in the shadows and the reflections on the boat are hardly noticeable.

Now we have some objectives and can take a look at how to achieve them.

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