Removing Moire Effectively - Page 3

Once you have the RGB file, you can use the "Save As" option to save an extra copy from PhotoShoot if you are going to use RGB Fixer to eliminate the color moiré from the main image. If you are not familiar with RGB Fixer, here is a screen shot:

Select the area with the color moiré by clicking on the tool on the left in the “Selections” box. Each click of the mouse will produce a straight line. Once you close the selection by clicking on the starting point, the selected area will be overlaid with red. If you prefer green or blue as a preview, then click the appropriate radio button.

Click on the “OK” button in the top window. The bottom window will become active. Make sure the “Remove Moiré Colors” radio button is selected and adjust the slider to remove the color moiré. The “Preview” check-box must be checked in order to see the results. Once you see the moiré removed, click the “Apply” button. If all the areas of color moiré have been removed, then click the “Exit” button. Save this file. You should now have two copies of the image. The first one is the copy that was saved at the beginning (it has all the color and luminance moiré). The second file is the one you just finished (it has only luminance moiré).

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