Removing Moire Effectively - Page 13

The appeal of this technique is that is preserves all the texture of the fabric. The other techniques that I have seen in the past for dealing with moiré have all focused on blurring the detail in order to destroy the moiré and prevent it from occurring in the first place. While effective, the trade-off was often a loss in fine detail. Other techniques have blurred the moiré in the final shot, then an attempt was made to reconstruct the illusion of texture in the fabric.

I have tried this technique on a number of images over the past couple of weeks. Depending on the moiré patterns in the image, sometimes different areas of the image required slightly different blends (blending mode or opacity). Using the History Brush or Layer Masks can fix those areas that were adversely affected when other areas were being addressed.

If you have not used blending modes before, “Professional Photoshop” (Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0764536958; 4th Bk&cdr edition - August 2002) contains excellent information on this topic. The techniques of luminance blending in RGB and overlay blending in Lab were also very effective on this image. These techniques are discussed in the book too.

Darren Bernaerdt
Senior Photographer, London Drugs Ltd.

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