"Deserted Lands"
Towns of Oregon (A to H)


Condon, Oregon - This windmill is located about 10 miles east of Condon on Highway 206 and is used to pump water. Typical of the area, these windmills are found throughout the fields of central Oregon.
Image of Condon, Oregon



Granite, Oregon - During the gold rush, Granite had a population of 5,000 people. A handful still remain today. Even though the town is isolated, a small store serving cold drinks is ready to welcome all travelers. This building was erected in 1888 and was first used as a school house, then later as the city hall. It was built on a small hill and leans to the right, overcompensating for the slope. Granite is located in the Blue Mountains, about 40 miles Northeast of John Day.


Image of Granite, Oregon



Hardman, Oregon - Hardman is a farming town located in the rolling fields about 20 miles south of Heppner on Highway 207. There is very little information available on this town and only a few people live there. It has the quintessential ghost town qualities. The town is divided by the highway and the occasional truck thunders by, hauling its load to another place. The community centre has received minor renovations.


1st Image of Hardman, Oregon2nd Image of Hardman, Oregon

3rd Image of Hardman, Oregon4thImage of Hardman, Oregon



Horse Heaven, Oregon - Horse Heaven began its life in 1933 when cinnabar (yielding mercury) was discovered by two prospectors. When the mine closed, 1400 foot long tunnels on 10 levels had been dug. Pictured is the mine’s entrance and an ore car. The white rock is the ore from which cinnabar is extracted. A lone prospector still works the area in search of a rumoured deposit. Many years ago, an old miner discovered the richest deposit in the area and left temporarily to file a claim. Upon returning, he could not find the exact location of his find. He died searching for it. Horse Heaven is located at the top of the divide between Cherry Creek and Muddy Creek, about 15 miles east of Ashwood.


1st Image of Horse Heaven, Oregon2nd Image of Horse Heaven, Oregon



Kent, Oregon - The abandoned café/gas station in Kent was closed several years ago. The Environmental Protection Agency informed the owners that they had to start carrying one million dollars liability insurance and build a concrete retaining wall to prevent leaks from the underground gas tanks. Faced with already slim profits, the owners decided to close their business. Behind the café lies an empty house and the remains of the old school built in 1937. The school was closed in 1980 and destroyed by a fire a few years later. Kent’s children have been bussed to Grass Valley since the closure. Kent is located between Grass Valley and Shaniko on Highway 97.


1st Image of Kent, Oregon


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