The Images and Stories
from Oregon

In September of 1993 and 1995, I visited the backroads of central and eastern Oregon. On detailed maps, you will see small winding roads that criss-cross the plains, forests and valleys that make this such a diverse area of North America.

The pioneers that arrived in this area in the late 1800's were largely in search of gold and timber. The towns that sprung up almost overnight sometimes disappeared just as quickly. Others are lying in ruins. Some of the towns mentioned in the stories are still alive and strong.

My objective was to document these towns before they vanished or lost their character. During my second trip in 1995, there was already a noticeable decline in some of the towns compared to only two years earlier.

Each listing for the towns has a summary and one or several thumbnail images. Click on any of the thumbnails (small images) to see a full screen version.

*These images are best viewed with your video card set to display thousands colors (also referred to as 16 bit color) or millions of colors (also referred to as 24 or 32 bit color). If you are unsure of the settings, consult your operating system manual or video card manufacturer.

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