The Images and Stories
from Arizona

In June of 1998 we made the trip to Arizona that had been in the planning stages for quite some time. There are many excellent web sites detailing the wonderful ghost towns the state has to offer. Have a look at - it has tons of information on the ghost towns of the Western U.S.

After several weeks of surfing the Internet, checking various maps, and reading many books, we figured out a rough tour of the state. Imagine a "figure eight" turned on a 45 degree angle. The ends are at the Northwest and Southeast corners of the state and the middle is over Phoenix. We took 12 days and a rented Chevy Suburban to take us over this route.

Many of the towns are on rough, unpaved roads so a 4x4 or pickup truck is a good idea if you value the longevity of your vehicle. I encourage anyone contemplating a trip to this part of the U.S. to read up on its unique characteristics and be aware while travelling.

My plans involve a far more detailed account and many more photos for this section of my site. Work, however, has to come first and this is still a personal project. Check back in a month or two. I am currently sifting through 70 rolls of film for suitable images to post. BTW, if you are planning on making a trip in the near future, be sure to make arrangements to visit Ruby. It is one of the best towns by far and Tom, the caretaker, is a highlight of the tour. Be sure to phone ahead.

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Following will be a listing, as time allows, of pages dedicated to each of the towns I visited.

Bumble Bee, AZ


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